16 Port CATV Hub 500304


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The MuxLab CATV Hub allows a terrestrial broadband RF video signal to be distributed to multiple RF receivers via Cat5 unshielded twisted pair cable.

The CATV Hub works in conjunction with MuxLab’s passive CATV Balun (500302), or Shielded CATV Balun (500306) and other RF video equipment for a more complete cabling solution. The CATV Hub has a 900 MHz bandwidth and supports broadband video, broadband Internet and Digital Cable.

The product features built-in gain amplification and port buffering and may be used in conjunction with standard RF distribution equipment for larger installations. Applications include; residential, apartment, condominiums, hotels, offices, schools, hospitals, trading floors.


  • 900 MHz bandwidth
  • Built-in RF ampilfier
  • Bi-directional transmission
  • Works with other standard RF video equipment
  • Compact design
  • Centralised cabling for greater control
  • Cost savings – eliminate costly coaxial cable
  • Quicker moves, adds and changes
  • Neater wiring



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