18U – 19″ Slim Open Tower Rack 488 (W) x 504 (D) x 900.7mm (H)

R8300 Series – 19″ Slim Open Tower Racks – 10/32 Threaded Rack Rails

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WB-8618 18U – 19″ Slim Open Tower Rack 488 (W) x 504 (D) x 900.7mm (H) log-in log-in


Our R8300 Open Tower rack is a high-quality steel product offering a unique option for those needing an enclosure without panels, providing installers with maximum ventilation and accessibility. These are not only affordably-priced, manufactured using our trademark high quality steel and construction but also offers cable management rails, support cross braces and dual castor/foot arrays as standard – features not available elsewhere.

It comes with 10/32 threaded rack rails which are mounted externally on the sides of the top and base using low profile machine screws. This has allowed us to offer a model that retains a very narrow width at just 19.21”/488mm.

Exceptional cable management is provided with cable tie cutouts in the top and base as well as in the dedicated cross brace rails at the sides. Highly dynamic mobility and securement comes thanks to the inclusion of dual option castor / foot arrays.

The R8300 Open Tower series is designed to provide a sturdy open frame without side, front or back panels so that accessibility and ventilation are as high as possible.

Ships Flat Pack, ready to assemble.


Width: 488mm / 19.21″
Depth: 504mm / 19.84”

Kit includes:

  • 4 x 10/32 Threaded Rack rails
  • Cable management support cross braces
  • Top unit with rack space for cooling units or cable management
  • Base unit
  • 4 x Castors with integrated adjuster foot
  • Assembly screw kit

These racks are supplied with adjustable feet/Castor combination as detailed below:

Heights provided in the description do not include the above adjustable feet attached.


Penn Elcom R8300 Series Datasheet.pdf

Penn Elcom R8300 Series Technical Drawing.pdf