19″ 18U Qube Acoustic Wall Box – 903mm High


19″ 18U Qube Acoustic Wall Box – 600mm Deep x 600 Wide

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WB-1075 19″ 18U Qube Acoustic Wall Box – 903mm High log-in log-in


The Qube Acoustic Wall Mounted Cabinet is the ideal solution for small to medium sized data installations. Commonly installed in locations such as small open plan offices, or communal areas.

Available in 6, 9, 12, 15 & 18U high and 600mm deep, allows the Qube Acoustic Wall Boxes to accommodate most of today’s hardware, such as network switches, UPS’s and small servers.

The Qube Acoustic Wall Mounted Cabinet has been designed to offer the best sound proof enclosures possible. Using state of the art 34mm thick cladding, comprised of absorbent Class 0 fireproof acoustic foam laminates applied to both sides of a heavy layer sound barrier membrane. Using this level of cladding, allows us to reduce noise by up to 25dB. Combining a high surface mass with flexible physical characteristics, the product offers optimum acoustic performance.

The Class 0 fire rating means that the Qube Acoustic range is ideal for demanding applications such as, marine and automotive industries.

Acoustic Wall Mounted Cabinet Features:

  • Capable of up to 25dB noise reduction
  • 34mm thick foam cladding
  • Class 0 fireproof foam
  • Optional Low noise Fans available
  • 6, 9, 12, 15 & 18U high
  • 600 wide x 600 deep
  • Removable & lockable solid steel front door
  • Adjustable 19” vertical mounting profiles, front & rear
  • U height markers on all four vertical mounting profiles
  • Solid steel lockable front door
  • Removable & lockable side panels
  • Top & bottom cable entry
  • One man install hanging bracket
  • All round earth bonding
  • Black in colour (RAL9004)

WB-10XX_&_WB-11XX_Qube_Acoustic_Series - PDF Datasheet.pdf