19″ 522 x 480 Flat Pack Rack Cabinets 1032 Rails



522 x 480 Flat Pack Rack Cabinets

Code Description 1 1+ Quantity
WB-3406 log-in
WB-3408 log-in
WB-3410 log-in
WB-3412 log-in
WB-3416 log-in
WB-3420 log-in
WB-3424 log-in
WB-3428 log-in
WB-3435 log-in
WB-4000 log-in
WB-4005 log-in
WB-3000 log-in

Product Description

Flat Pack Cabinet Range
From 6U up to 35U
Easy to Assemble
Front and Rear 19″ Rack Rails
522mm Width
480mm Deep
Optional Doors and Castors are Available

Perforated Doors can be added to this range, see WB-42**

Please note – The heights listed do not include castors.

  • Heavy Duty Castors – Height = 108mm
  • Light Duty Castors –