19″ CoolRaC Cabinet Exhaust Fan 80mm / 3″


19″ CoolRaC Cabinet Exhaust Fan 80mm / 3″

Code Description log-in log-in Quantity
CP-1690 19″ CoolRaC Cabinet Exhaust Fan 80mm / 3″ log-in log-in


NEW quiet exhaust fan unit has been designed to be fitted into sealed wooden cupboard style equipment enclosures, and enclosed equipment racks where hot air is not being expelled. These type of situations invariably cause thermal failure, as the in-board fans are just recycling hot air.

These exhaust fans are easily fitted into any wooden enclosures all that is required is a an awl, cross head screwdriver and a Hole Cutter.

Technical Specifications:

  • Low Noise 22.5dBA (0.3 Sone)
  • 28CFM (47.6 Cubic meter per hour) @2000 RPM
  • High Static Pressure
  • 1 x 9 Bladed 80mm / 3.15 Inch Fan
  • 12V DC – 200mA
  • 2 x DC In/Out Sockets
  • Temperature Sensor Socket
  • CRC-Temp Sensor Included
  • DC in/out sockets
  • 500mA world wide universal PSU supplied
  • Mounting Holes align with attached fitting template
  • Dimensions (OD) 100mm x 101mm x 25mm / 3.94Inch x 3.98Inch x 1Inch
  • Fluid Bearings = 2 Year Limited Warrantee


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