19″ Slide & Rotate Racks

19″ Slide & Rotate Racks

Code Description 1 Quantity
WB-6006 log-in
WB-6008 log-in
WB-6012 log-in
WB-6016 log-in
WB-6020 log-in
WB-6025 log-in


Designed to give quick and complete access to tightly-stored enclosures, this system allows you to easily slide the rack in and out and spin it either direction. Simply screw the lockable base plate to a flat, solid surface and stability is ensured.

Removable rear cable management tray contracts and expands as the rack is slid back and forth to eliminate cable tension.

  • Slides out 500mm / 20”
  • Locking base with two slam locks
  • 6U, 8U, 12U, 16U, 20U and 25U models

Includes: top unit, rotating base unit, folding cable management bar, rack rails


Slide & Rotate Rack Data Sheet.pdf