OR-HD62CD 6 x 2 UHD HDMI Matrix Switch with Audio De-Embedding


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SX-9115 OR-HD62CD 6 x 2 UHD HDMI Matrix Switch with Audio De-Embedding log-in log-in

Product Description

The OR-HD62CD allows HDMI signals to be routed from any of the six connected HDMI sources for display on two connected HDMI displays. With fast switching technology this device dramatically improves the sync time to the connected HDMI displays over traditional switchers. In Matrix Mode, it allows any source to be routed independently to any output. An on-board EDID management tool (via on screen display) can be utilised for advanced audio and video signal management. In addition, this switcher also includes a cutting edge Picture in Picture (PIP) preview mode allowing the user to show 5 unselected HDMI sources in a row of small windows overlaid on top of the primary selected HDMI source video . In preview mode, both HDMI outputs show identical feeds. Further features include the ability to de-embed Hi-Definition lossless audio via a dedicated Optical output for each HDMI output, 4K resolution support, and 3D signal support.

Control is via front panel buttons, IR remote control, RS-232, Telnet or IP control for easy integration into control systems such as Control 4.