4 Channel Dimmer Module – TE

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DIN-02-04-TE-PLUS 4 Channel Dimmer Module – TE

A four circuit Trailing Edge mains Dimmer Module for the control of resistive lighting loads including compatible LED loads. A custom designed housing provides reliable power handling in a compact format.

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ML-2050 4 Channel Dimmer Module – TE log-in log-in


Modules may be used in a standalone mode with simplified functionality providing programmable Scene Setting or Impulse (ON/OFF/DIM) type control from a single keypad. Alternatively conventional momentary switches can be linked to a Contact Input Module (DIN-INT-00-08-PLUS) to provide Impulse (ON/OFF/DIM) control of up to eight lighting circuits using eDIN+ Dimmer Modules.

An onboard menu system provides simple setup of circuit functions, maximum and minimum dimming levels, circuit test facility and override facility. eDIN+ Dimmer Modules may also be used in conjunction with a Network Processor Module to provide flexible, adaptable control for small and medium scale projects.

Key features

  • Four channel Dimmer Module.
  • Tungsten loads 4 x 500W (1500W maximum module load).
  • LED loads 4 x 250W (1000W maximum module load).
  •  Trailing Edge Dimming Technology.
  • Programmable circuit cap and cup levels.
  • Operates resistive and capacitive loads including LED loads.
  • Low load compatible.
  • M-BUS enabled.
  • Quiet operation.
  • ISO9001 certified design and manufacturing facility.
  • Compact 9M width DIN rail mounting module.
  • 2 year warranty.

ML-2050_DIN-02-04-TE-PLUS_Data Sheet.pdf