DALI Broadcast Module

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DIN-DBM-32-08-PLUS DALI Broadcast Module

The DALI Broadcast Module is a compact DIN rail mounted device with eight independent low voltage outputs each controlling up to thirty two devices.


Code Description log-in log-in Quantity
ML-2045 DALI Broadcast Module log-in log-in


DALI device addressing is not required in broadcast mode, therefore commissioning is simpler and more cost effective. Also maintenance costs are greatly reduced using broadcast DALI as faulty drivers or ballasts are simply replaced with no computer intervention, unlike “Individual” and “Group” DALI where detailed knowledge of DALI programming is required to replace faulty drivers.

Key features

  • Eight Channels of DALI broadcast or Analogue 1-10V or DSI.
  • Up to 32 devices per channel.
  • Mains powered with integral DALI power supply.
  • Fault report monitoring supported on each channel.
  • Intelligent Standalone feature providing simple programming and control via a keypad without the need for a computer (white only).
  • Connection via Mbus to other eDIN system devices, multi-sensors and control plates.
  • 2 year warranty.


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