DIN Ethernet Network Processor

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DIN-NPU-00-01-PLUS Ethernet Network Processor

System processor for multi-room control with Ethernet and RS232 connectivity. Easy setup and control with web browser enabled programming.


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ML-2010 DIN Ethernet Network Processor log-in log-in


The Ethernet Processor Module is an ultra-compact DIN rail mounted unit with connections for an Ethernet gateway, an M-BUS network and an RS-232 port.

Ethernet allows separate M-BUS networks to be connected together via a dedicated TCP/IP backbone or the shared building IT network.

512 controllers and devices can be connected through a single M-BUS power and data connection whilst retaining individual control.

RS-232 and Ethernet facilitate integration with other building control systems.

Key features

  • One Ethernet Processor Module per M-BUS network
  • Infinite number of M-BUS networks managed by separate Ethernet Processor Modules
  • Backbone communication utilising a dedicated TCP/IP network or shared Ethernet
  • RS-232 and Ethernet interface with other building control systems
  • M-BUS to a range of field based Control Devices such as MultiSensors, Switch Input Units, LCD and Multi-button Control Plates, Blind Controllers and RS-232 Audio Visual Interface
  • Installer pre-commissioning testing via the on-board display and keypad
  • Integral Astronomical Real Time Clock providing location based dusk to dawn settings
  • Non-volatile flash memory
  • The modules provide a flexible solution for bespoke panel design to suit any application and installation constraints
  • 2 year warranty