DIN Power Supply Unit

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DIN-PSU-24V-PLUS Power Supply Unit

Low voltage power supply for eDIN Modules. Every eDIN system requires a minimum of one 24V PSU.


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ML-2005 DIN Power Supply Unit log-in log-in


The Power Supply Module is an ultra-compact DIN rail mounted unit with connections for a single M-BUS network via screw terminals and a patch lead socket.

M-BUS allows up to 512 controllers and devices to be connected through a single power and data connection whilst retaining individual control.

The Power Supply Module provides up to 800mA, 24V DC at Safety Extra Low Voltage. Additional Power Supply Module’s can be added if required.

Key features

  • 24V SELV Compliant Power Supply
  • 800mA Power Supply for M-BUS network
  • Compact 3M width DIN Rail Mounting Module
  • M-BUS network connection via screw terminals for M-BUS Control Devices and a socket for fast connection to other modules via an M-BUS Patch Lead
  • M-BUS connection to a range of field based control devices such as MultiSensors, Switch Input Units, LCD and Multi-button Control Plates, Blind Controllers and RS-232 Audio Visual Interface
  • The modules provide a flexible solution for bespoke panel design to suit any application and installation constraints
  • 2 year warranty