DS-MSC14 Cascadable 1 to 4 multi-screen controller


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SX-4510 DS-MSC14 Cascadable 1 to 4 multi-screen controller log-in log-in

Product Description

The 1 by 4 HDMI TV Wall controller allows an HDMI input source to be displayed, in full screen or single mode, on up to 4 HDMI displays (TV or monitor). Multiple units can be cascaded to extend the HDMI signal up to as many displays as needed. The unit features bezel correction function. A simple control application enables users to control single or multiple units. The device supports video timings up to WUXGA@60RB and 1080p@60Hz, audio format up to 7.1CH LPCM at 192kHz sampling rate based on input source EDID. Control can be achieved through software application, Telnet and RS-232.