SY-4KS HDMI 4K Scaler (Optional Up & Down Scaling)


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SX-9110 SY-4KS HDMI 4K Scaler (Optional Up & Down Scaling) log-in log-in


The SY-4KS HDMI Scaler is designed to upscale 1080p@24 signals to 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) resolutions, or downscale a UHD 4K signal to 1080p@24 for integration into any AV system. The ability to downscale 4K signals to 1080p is a crucial function when working with 4K sources in a complex AV system and distributing the HDMI sources to multiple displays which have varying resolution support. This device allows the user to select the highest commonly supported resolution between source and display ensuring maximum compatibility in any system. The SY-4KS incorporates two HDMI outputs, one of which is a bypass (input follows output), and the second is a scaled output. The scaled output can be set to three modes, upscale to 4K, downscale from 4K, or as a bypass output. Both the bypass output and scaled output operate simultaneously.