HDMI Flex Adaptor – 0.1m – Male to Female


HDMI™ Flexadapter

compact adapter for narrow TV wall clearances and tight corners

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HM-3080 HDMI Flex Adaptor – 0.1m – Male to Female log-in log-in


Not enough space between the television and the wall? This often happens, but it’s all right. With the HDMI™ angle adapter, you won’t run out of space so fast in tight corners. You don’t have to worry about any more cable breaks caused by crushed plug connections, either. Instead, with this little add-on solution, you can enjoy digital 3D- and HD-videos and multi-channel audio, clearly, in HD, with stunning brilliance and long-life reliability.


  • flexible, rotatable and pliable for minimal space requirements
  • pure copper conductor and 2-way shielding for clear signal quality
  • High-speed HDMI™ for 3D and Ultra HD up to 4K @ 50/60 Hz (2160 p)
  • integrated Ethernet channel saves additional network or audio cables
  • 24 carat gold-plated contacts for minimum transmission resistance


Connection, type HDMI™ female (Type A)
Connection, housing material PVC
Connection, width 17.5 mm
Connection, shielding yes
Connection, contact material gold (24 kt)
Connection 2, type HDMI™ male (type A)
Connection, height 8.5 mm
Connection 2, width 17.5 mm
Connection, length 24.4 mm
Connection 2, height 8.5 mm
Connection 2, length 24.4 mm
Cable type round cable
AWG 25
Cable sheath diameter (approx.) 4 mm
inner conductor, core diameter 0.12
Inner conductor material OFC (99,9% oxygen-free copper)
Cable length 0.1 m
Number of shieldings 2 x
Type 2, shielding braid (copper) 128x
Kink protection both sides
Inner Conductor number 1 pieces
Signal transmission
max. transmission rate 10.2 Gbit/s
max. bandwidth 340 MHz
Impedance 100 Ω
Operating temperature from -10 °C
Operating temperature up to 80 °C

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