High Speed Silver HDMI Leads

Silver Range HDMI Cable with deluxe gold plated plugs. High quality HDMI-A Plug to HDMI-A Plug with removable ferrite cores for increased reliability and added resistance to interference.


Code Description 1 10+ Quantity
HM-1005 log-in
HM-1050 log-in
HM-1030 log-in
HM-1020 log-in
HM-1010 log-in
HM-1200 log-in
HM-1150 log-in
HM-1100 log-in
HM-1075 log-in
HM-1125 log-in


Our Silver Range HDMI Cables are all High Speed HDMI cables. The lengths upto and including 5m all also have the new Audio Return Channel and Ethernet Channel. Outer cable diameter is 7mm.

Silver HDMI Data Sheets.pdf