Horizon Digital Terrestrial TV & Radio Aerial Alignment & Test Meter

Horizon HD-T2

Introducing the new HD-T2. Horizon proudly present the HD-T2 terrestrial installation meter, offering you the same ease-of-use as our established products, plus an enhanced specification and DVB-T2 compatibility.

Once again, Horizon is first to market with a cost-effective solution for DVB-T2 measurement and analysis.

Comprehensive information is displayed for all carriers, analogue or digital. For analogue signals, RF signal strength is shown for video and audio carriers, with accompanying carrier-to-noise measurements. Digital measurements include RF level, Quality, MER and BER; there is also a very handy Pass / Fail indication for rapid quality assessment. Other important parameters are available on demand – QAM rate, FEC, Guard Interval, etc. On-board selectable attenuation permits the use of the meter in multi-dwelling installations, where signals may be highly amplified.

Through the intuitive menu system, it is possible to view spectrum displays across the VHF and UHF bands with 3 levels of Span. Constellation diagrams for digital channels, up to 256-QAM rotated, are also easy to call up and may be zoomed for detail viewing. The USB connection allows data-logging to a host PC, together with the capability to download transmitter updates and firmware upgrades.

The HD-T2 comes complete with a rip-stop carry case, mains charger cable, in-car charger, rain cover and USB lead for data transfer.


  • Easy to read 128 x 64 pixel high brightness LCD (Adjustable).
  • Rapid access menu system with transmitter favourites.
  • Real time measurement (Analogue and Digital DVB‐T / T2).
  • Spectrum display FM, DAB, VHF and UHF.
  • Constellation display DVB‐T / T2 (including T2 rotation).
  • Slope test (Ideal for distribution systems).
  • Data logging (Featuring a log all function).
  • 11 Languages selectable (Major European languages).
  • Replaceable input connectors (F type).
  • USB connection for transmitter updates.
  • 12V DC car charger included.
  • Charge from 90 to 250V AC (Internal charger).
  • Select transmitter by region, post code (UK) or favourite.
  • Nylon carry case with accessory pocket.
  • RF Measurement of DAB / FM (Including spectrum display).
  • Masthead amp supply 5V active antenna and 12V DC.
  • High capacity Li‐ion battery pack.
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