IC Realtime BREEZE 5S 4-Channel IP Recorder

BREEZE 5S IP Recorder


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Product Description

Breeze is our Plug & Play IP recorder range which uses an internal PoE switch to seamlessly manage your IP installation.

BREEZE-5s-104 is a 4 channel plug & play Network Video Recorder (NVR) that incorporates a 4 port PoE switch. It has a powerful embedded dual-core processor providing 6 megapixel resolution per channel and a global recording capacity of 80Mbps. The BREEZE5s-104 also has smart H.264E compression resulting in HDD and bandwidth savings of up to 70%.

Breeze technology removes the complex IP setup by automatically configuring the IP cameras in less than 2 minutes upon boot up. This is achieved by integrating a PoE switch into the NVR which also powers the IP Cameras over the same cable.

The BREEZE-5s-104 is housed in a 1U desktop case (260mm) with 1 internal SATA port. It comes with HDMI & VGA video outputs and supports backup methods via USB & network. The BREEZE-5s-104 is very power efficient and contains no fan inside resulting in low operation noise from the recorder. This recorder is provided license free, Onvif compatible and supports various 3rd party IP camera vendors.

For full specifications, please see the datasheet in our download section.

IC-104X_IC Realtime BREEZE-5s-104_Datasheet.pdf