IP55 Outdoor Wall Cabinets


Cabinets are 600mm wide overall and either 450mm or 600mm deep overall, depending on model.

Maximum loading: 100kg.

Finish: Light grey, RAL 7035, epoxy polyester powder coat.


Designed for use in industrial applications, the ES455 Series are wall-mounting, 19 inch, steel rack cabinets, offering sealing to IP55 and impact resistance to IK10, for deployment in open areas subjected to falling dirt and wind-blown dust particles, rain, snow or splashing water. Available in six heights and two depths, they are supplied with a fitted steel door. Cooling vents are incorporated; fan modules are available to implement forced ventilation.

The main cabinet is a welded, folded steel construction, using 1.5mm sheet. The rear panel is sealed other than the fixing points for the four mounting brackets included.

Folded, plated, steel, 19-inch, rack-mounting profiles are fitted at the front. These have two sets of perforations to take cage nuts to fix equipment across the front of the rack and accessories, such as shelves and chassis guides, inside the rack. They have three apertures for cage nuts, three per 1U on the front face, two per U on the inside face and are printed, both from the top down and from the bottom up, with ‘U’ height measurements to aid installation. They are screwed to metal flanges welded to the walls of the rack. Provision is made to adjust the position further into the rack to accommodate controls on front panels. Note that rear rack-mounting profiles are not supplied as standard, but are available as optional accessories.

On both sides there are square apertures for ventilation. These are covered with fan filters; user-supplied 120mm fans may be fitted. Plastic covers protect the filters. A cover, with louvered vents along the front face, may be raised on the roof, giving access to the vent for outgoing air. This has fan-filters as delivered; optional fan modules may be fitted.

The door opening has a gasket all round the periphery. A swing-handle, with cylinder lock, operates the three-point locking to ensure a good seal and provide security. This has a door handle which sinks into the door when locked, nearly flush with the front. The hinged front door is electrically bonded to the body of the cabinet.

On the base there is an aperture for cable access. Two cover plates are supplied; one is plain, the other fitted with one PG48 and two PG21 plastic cable glands, as well as two 28mm diameter blind PVC caps.

455 Series IP55 Outdoor Wall Cabinets - Datasheets.pdf

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