IRS Satellite Multi Switcher with Earth Bars


Integrated reception systems (IRS) with the TMP 5 input series. These are mains powered, stand alone multiswitches for one satellite position plus terrestrial.

Compact and easy to install. This series is your preferred choice when you want to supply many users with consistent output levels & use the same switch, no matter how close or far away you are from the headend.

Adjustable outputs to compensate for long cables and distances (24 and 32 Output Versions)
Adjustable inputs
Built-in switch mode power supply
Colour coded inputs
Supplied with input and output earth bond bars

Code Description 1 Quantity
MS-1000 log-in
MS-1005 log-in
MS-1010 log-in
MS-1015 log-in
MS-1020 log-in