Mains Distribution Units


19″ Rack Mounted Mains Distribution Units

Code Description 1 2+ Quantity
MDU-14-SEQ log-in
MDU-14-ISW log-in
MDU-14 log-in


MDU14 Standard Professional Unit

Single mains inlet distributing to 14 IEC outlets, One power switch operates up to 14 pieces of equipment, each of the 14 outlets has a dedicated fuse for overload protection and an indicator LED to allow easy identification of failed fuses.


  • Neutrik powerconn inlet
  • 16 Amp total current
  • 14 IEC outlets
  • Positive break, double pole illuminated power switch
  • Individual T5A HBC fuse for each outlet
  • Individual LED indicator for each outlet
  • Heavy duty Cable tie bar
  • 1U 19 inch aluminium Rack-mounting case
  • Double anodised front panel – dark blue/silver finish
  • Large ID pads – option for label strip
  • Complies with European safety standards EN60730-1 and EN6095090-240VAC operation


MDU-14-ISW Independently Switched Outlets (Indy-Switch)

All of the features of our MDU-14 standard professional unit with the addition of individual power switches for each of the 14 outlets!

Designed for situations where it is not necessary or desirably to have all equipment powered all of the time. Individual power switches for each outlet enables full centralised power control for up to 14 pieces of equipment.

Pilot option gives permanent power to outlet 14 even when the master power switch is turned off – this is for equipment such as video recorders that require power to maintain clocks or equipment that is not to be switched off at any time. Please specify when ordering.


  • Professional Recording Studio
  • Home Recording Studio
  • Racks Rooms that require frequent ‘live’ swap outs
  • Lighting control


  • Latching push-button power switch for each outlet
  • Blue LED fuse fail/switch ‘on’ indicators
  • Pilot option for outlet 14

Advantages over standard MDU

  • Manual power shedding when on UPS
  • Reduced electricity consumption & bills
  • Increases equipment longevity
  • Highly accessible centralised control over power & lighting
  • Power control for equipment without power switch
  • Power control for equipment with rear mounted power switch
  • Easy equipment shutdown/reset when malfunctioning
  • Quick computer ‘hard’ reset
  • Safe ‘live’ equipment swap outs
  • Parts of rack may be shut down without resorting to complete power down

MDU14-SEQ Sequential Power up/down Unit

All of the features of our MDU-14 standard professional unit with the addition of sequenced power up & power down!

This unit provides the perfect solution to high switch on/off surge currents normally encountered with video monitor banks or highly inductive/capacitive loads. All outlets are individually switched. The non load bearing power switch ensures reliable long term operation.


  • Non load bearing power switch
  • Double pole switching
  • On sequence 1 to 14
  • Off sequence 1 to 14
  • 120VAC version available