MonoPro XLR Balun’s

Line level audio up to distances of 5,000ft / 1.5km via single Cat5e/6
Digital audio up to distances of 1,400ft / 426m via single Cat5e/6
Impedance: output 600 ohm/input 600-20k ohm (analog audio); 110 ohm (digital audio)
Sample rate: up to 96kHz
Cat5e/6 cable terminates inside the balun
Locking metal XLR3 male / female connectors with cable strain relief
Optional terminal for ground / shield
Dimensions: 1.875″ x 1″ diameter (47mm x 25mm diameter) plus 5″ (127mm) XLR3 lead
Weight: 2.64oz / 0.075kg

Code Description 1 Quantity
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