Mountson Premium Outdoor/Indoor Wall Mount Bracket for Sonos Move – Single (MS31PB) Black


Premium Outdoor/Indoor Wall Mount Bracket for Sonos Move (MS31PB) Black

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MS31PB Mountson Premium Outdoor/Indoor Wall Mount Bracket for Sonos Move – Single (MS31PB) Black log-in log-in


Introducing our exclusive cleverly designed, unique and elegant Premium Wall Mount for Sonos Move

Designed & Manufactured in the UK

Perfectly complimenting the Move speaker, allowing you to place it at the ideal listening height both outdoors and indoors.

‍The product is precision engineered to ensure that the Sonos Move speaker sits perfectly on the wall mount but does not touch the wall. So there is no possibility of the speaker vibrating against the wall or damage to the speaker from touching the wall.

The Mountson wall mount is made from a very hard-wearing ABS plastic which means there is no weathering over time and it can also be painted so you can match the colour of your wall inside or outside your home. This allows the wall mount to disappear in ‘plain sight’ when not holding the Sonos Move speaker.

The product is supplied with fixings for both wood/studwork and brick/masonry so can you place it almost anywhere to ensure you get the best listening experience from your Sonos Move speaker. We also supply a matching ABS cover that hides the fixings so afterwards you would never know how its attached to the wall.

We have made it very easy for the user to install and use. The wall mount can be moved quickly if your change your mind about location. You can also buy two or three at a time so that you can locate your Sonos Move speaker around the garden depending upon where the sun is or where you want to listen to music. Better still buy two speakers and listen to music in 2 locations.

‍The wall mount is supplied in both black and near perfect match white/grey to match the colour of Sonos Move speakers.


  • Made of precision engineered in UV Resistant ABS plastic
  • Sonos Move speaker can be easily mounted and removed
  • Wood/studwork and brick/masonry fixings included
  • Elegant ABS cover to hide fixings
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Compliments the colour of Sonos Move speakers


Width: 88 mm
Height: 131 mm
Depth: 49 mm
Weight: 90 g
Carton Contents: Wall bracket, wall fixings, instructions

MS31P_Premium Outdoor-Indoor Wall Mount for Sonos Move.pdf