Penn Elcom Wall Mount Rack Enclosure With Removable Shell (10/32 Rails)


Wall Mount Rack Enclosure With Removable Shell

Code Description 1 Quantity
WB-6904 log-in
WB-6906 log-in
WB-6908 log-in
WB-6910 log-in
WB-6912 log-in


Switch between a secure lockable enclosure and an open form rack with ease. The innovative removable outer shell lets you effortlessly slide the complete shell away from the internal frame without disturbing devices or cables inside the rack.

Leaving the shell off makes building the rack, installing components and performing cable management easier. When the job is complete, simply slide the shell back on, feed any cables through the rear and secure the enclosure.


  • Pre-threaded 10/32 rack rails
  • Rear cable access
  • Lockable & removable front door
  • Integrated internal cable management system
  • Built-in rear mounting mechanism


  • Depth: 250mm / 9.8″
  • Colour: Powder Coated Black
  • Material: Steel