PUV-2200PL-TX UHD HDMI/USB to HDBaseT Transmitter (PSE)



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SX-2205 PUV-2200PL-TX UHD HDMI/USB to HDBaseT Transmitter (PSE) log-in log-in


This 4K UHD HDMI over HDBaseT transmitter  uses HDBaseT 2.0 technology, and is the perfect solution for extending high bandwidth HDMI 4K@60Hz (4:2:0, 8-bit) video (10.2Gbps) with HD audio via a single run of Cat.6A/7 cable over distances of up to 40 metres.

Multiple control and data signals may also be transmitted along with the HD audio and video, including bi-directional IR, RS-232, bi-directional analogue audio, and USB 2.0. When the transmitter and receiver are used together, the USB 2.0 Type-B port on the transmitter can connect a single USB host (such as a laptop or PC) to devices on up to 5 USB 2.0 (Type-A) ports (2 on the transmitter, 3 on the receiver) forming a highly powerful KVM extension configuration.

Additionally, the receiver is powered by PoH (Power over HDBaseT) provided by the transmitter, allowing for greater flexibility within different installation scenarios. This transmitter and receiver pair is ideal for use in any video extension scenario, but they excel when latency-free, uncompressed, high resolution video.


  • HDMI 2.0 and DVI 1.0 compatible
  • HDCP 2.2 and HDCP 1.x compliant
  • HDBaseT 2.0 compliant (Backwards compatible with 1.0)
  • 1 HDMI input and 1 HDBaseT output (Transmitter)
  • 1 HDMI output, and 1 HDBaseT input (Receiver)
  • Supports up to 4K UHD (10.2Gbps, 4K@60Hz 4:2:0, 8-bit) video input and output over both HDMI and HDBaseT
  • Supports Deep Colour input and output up to 12-bit
  • Supports CEC bypass
  • HDBaseT extends video, audio and data over a single Cat.6A/7 cable and can reach distances up to 40m/131ft
  • HDBaseT feature support: HD Video and Audio, PoH (Tx to Rx), Bidirectional audio (analogue), and Control (bi-directional USB/IR/RS-232 pass-through)
  • 2 USB 2.0 Type-A device ports and 1 USB 2.0 Type-B host port (Transmitter)
  • 3 USB 2.0 Type-A device ports (Receiver)
  • Supports pass-through of digital audio formats including 8 channel LPCM, Bitstream and HD Bitstream
  • Selectable stereo/microphone analogue audio bypass functionality
  • Transmitter can supply PoH to the connected receiver
  • Receiver is powered directly via PoH from the connected transmitter

Note: A compatible PSE transmitter providing PoH is required to power the receiver. Transmitters from other brands may not be compatible.

Package Contents:

  • 1× UHD HDMI/USB to HDBaseT Transmitter
  • 1× 24V/2.7A DC Power Adapter
  • 1× 3-pin Terminal Block
  • 1x 4-pin Terminal Block
  • 1× Operation Manual


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