QED Professional AT1 Airloc Crimp Tool

AT1 Airloc Crimp Tool

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TP-2200 QED Professional AT1 Airloc Crimp Tool log-in log-in


AIRLOC is QED’s award winning loudspeaker cable termination method using specialist equipment. Put simply, this is the best termination method to use with QED loudspeaker cables. The science and  engineering of loudspeaker cable doesn’t stop with the cable.

To perform as the designer intended, the cable needs to have the very best termination, as sound quality can be adversely affected by using inferior connectors. QED developed AIRLOC a solder-free, airtight perfect fusion between the two metals of cable and plug.

This ‘cold weld’ method allows the cable and plug to offer the optimum signal transfer and therefore, better sound quality. It also reduces contact resistance and ensures perfect long-term performance.

This is used to crimp the brass barrel around the wires to create the air tight seal. This tool is required by any installer of the QED AIRLOC termination.

This tool can also be used to terminate our range of Gold 4mm Crimp Plugs, including the TP-2224. TP-2232, and TP-2238.


QED AT1 Datasheet.pdf