Samson Premium (Active Optical HDMI Cable) 100m

Samsons AOCH cables are innovative active optical HDMI cables for 4K signals up to 100 meters. This hybrid−fiber cable features a micro−HDMI detachable HDMI connector at one end, making it easy to run through a conduit or other tight spaces. The cables are thinner, lighter and more flexible than copper or even standard optical cables. These cables are an ideal solution for maximizing signal integrity in critical AV installations.

  • Video Resolution — Up to 4K@60Hz (4:4:4).
  • High Data Transfer Rate — Up to 18Gbps.
  • Varied Selection of Lengths — Available in versions from 10 to 100m.
SKU: HM-92100
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HM-92100 Samson Premium (Active Optical HDMI Cable) 100m log-in log-in