SANUS Headphone Stand Designed for the Sonos Ace Headphones


WSHSH1 – MSRP = £49.99

SANUS Headphone Stand Designed For The Sonos Ace Headphones

Thoughtfully designed in exclusive partnership with Sonos, this stand has been specifically tailored to complement the new Sonos Ace headphones. Constructed using premium materials, this stand’s durability and stability facilitate a sleek storage solution exclusively designed for the Sonos Ace headphones.

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The stand maximizes table space and eliminates clutter, securely tucking headphone cord out of sight rather than hanging messily. Tailored, silicon cradle design provides a secure resting spot protecting the Sonos headphones from possible damage, wear and tear.

No more tangled cords or messy setups: Integrated cable management neatly tucks away excess cord for a clean, clutter-free look. Innovative magnetic, cable-holding tab enables effortless power connection and eliminates dangling and tangling of excess cord.

Stand comes ready for effortless assembly right out of the box with all necessary hardware included.

Custom-designed installation screw can be secured with a screwdriver or coin, so no tools, no problem!

Available for purchase in black or soft white, stand’s stylish design seamlessly complements Sonos Ace Headphones.


  1. Thoughtfully designed in an exclusive partnership with Sonos, this stand has been specifically tailored to complement their new headphones. Built from high quality powder-coated steel.
  2. This headphone stand features a soft, silicon cradle specifically molded to Sonos headphones. With its custom-tailored design, it ensures a snug, secure resting spot, protecting headphones from wear and tear such as creases and scratches.
  3. No more tangled cords! This headphone stand has a built-in cable management system that hides the excess cord under the base. Just run the cable through the channel for a clean, wireless look that keeps your space tidy.
  4. Innovative, magnetic tab holds headphone cord safely and on-the-ready at the stand’s base. Cable connection is tucked out of sight but easily accessible rather than messily dangling or tangling.
  5. Stand comes ready for assembly straight out of the box with all necessary hardware. Included, custom-designed installation screw can be easily secured with a coin or screwdriver – no additional tools needed!


Model Code: WSHSH1
Product Width: 6.01″ / 15.27cm
Product Height: 10.44″ / 26.52cm