SENKO Fibre Optic SC Singlemode Feedthrough Chassis Connector – Blue

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EH-5900 SENKO Fibre Optic SC Singlemode Feedthrough Chassis Connector – Blue log-in log-in

Product Description


A range of industry-approved Senko fibre optic couplers or ‘feed-through’ adapters with tethered dust-caps, mounted on Canford ‘Universal’ or Neutrik ‘D-series’ housing flanges (the popular ‘XLR’ cut-out). Suitable for use on Canford Universal Connection Panels, connector plates, stageboxes, wall-boxes and any other application where a suitable XLR ‘D-series’ housing cut-out is available. Note that these are not compatible with the Canare ‘Unified’ cut-out.

The Senko professional LC duplex, SC simplex and ST fibre through-couplers have tight-tolerance housings and precision zirconia ceramic ferrules on singlemode couplers, and phosphor bronze on multimode, to ensure exceptionally accurate connector alignment and fibre-face contact. The combination of high quality components ensures lower loss and greater reliability than commercial grade types. The LC and SC types feature an internal ‘light shutter’ which although not an environmental seal, does offer some protection from large particle ingress and protects against laser spillage from unmated ‘live’ ports.

Apart from the ferrule material, the construction of LC multimode, singlemode and singlemode APC couplers is identical, similarly with SC couplers. Colour coded housing options are offered in line with the industry convention, simply to enable identification of the transmission mode of connected equipment and fibres.