Sonos Five High-Fidelity Speaker – Black



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The high-fidelity speaker for superior sound

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Powerful, expansive sound
For powerful, life-like sound, the Sonos Five simply excels. This premium Sonos speaker uses three, smartly synchronized mid-woofers with a trio of tweeters to give a full-bodied, detailed sound that’s bursting with energy.

Phased array for immersive audio
Using a phased array speaker layout, the Five directs sound to the left, centre and right, giving an enveloping, room-filling sound.

The Trueplay revolution – giving you tailored sound
The Sonos Five also features revolutionary Trueplay technology. Trueplay scans your room, analyses the results and then fine-tunes the speaker for the ideal listening experience. Whether your room is large or small, densely furnished or minimalist, the Five adapts to give the most natural and realistic sound possible (iOS device required).

Trueplay pairing gives sensational stereo
Pair two Five speakers and Trueplay intelligently senses their location. It then adjusts the outputs to deliver a broad, enveloping sound in horizontal mode, or more a focused and intense sound when positioned vertically. Discreet rubber feet on both the base and side make either horizontal or vertical positioning easy.

Adjustable settings
For personalised sound, use the Sonos app to adjust bass, treble and loudness.

Connect a deck – or other device, with the 3.5mm analogue input
Broaden the range of your Five’s capabilities with the 3.5mm AUX input. Connect a turntable (with phono pre-amp), CD player, TV, games console or other device and hear the sound played back through the Five. Even better, once connected to the Five, the sound can then be sent around your whole Sonos system – giving you the ability to playback your favourite CD or vinyl all around your home.

Effortless control – including Sonos S2 and Apple AirPlay 2
Download the latest Sonos S2 app and enjoy the smartest control app to date. With new features, usability updates and more personalisation, the S2 app gives enhancements all-round – both now and for the future. With AirPlay 2 also covered, you can stream directly from your Apple devices or ask Siri to play your favourites from Apple Music throughout your home.

Or connect to your voice enabled device, such as Amazon Echo or Google Assistant
Connect up to your existing voice-enabled device, such as an Amazon Echo or Google Home and enjoy voice-controlled playback – ideal for choosing music or adjusting the volume when you’ve got your hands full in the kitchen.

The Sonos system
Sonos gets better when you add more speakers. Play a movie in your living room, a podcast in the kitchen or the same music across all your Sonos speakers – flexibility is key. The latest Sonos components link via your home Wi-Fi but for very best results, linking one component to an Ethernet connection gives the most stable solution.

Hear every detail, with the Sonos Five.


  • Experience bold sound that can fill any space. Sonos Five delivers the same great sound as the Play:5, with updated internals including increased memory, processing power, and a new wireless radio.
  • Three custom-designed woofers deliver rich bass whilst the sealed architecture eliminates reverb and echo.
  • An enduring design that continues to fit perfectly into any space, Five is available in black with a black grille and, for the first time, white with a white grille.
  • Works with Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri
  • 1/8″ Audio Input


  • Five
  • Power Cable
  • QuickStart Guide


Audio & Docking Special Features
Additional Features D-CLASS Amplifier
3.5mm AUX-in
LED Indicator
Google Assistant
Compatibility iOS
Built-in Assistant Google Assistant
Number of Speakers (Total) 1
Speaker Type Smart
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Power Source AC
Voltage 100-240 V
Width 364 mm
Depth 154 mm
Height 203 mm
Weight 6.36 kg


SONOS FIVE User Manual.pdf