Switchcraft Open frame 6.4mm Jack Sockets

Switchcraft Open frame 6.4mm Jack Sockets

1/4″ 3 Conductor Open Frame Jacks  Littel-Jax phone jacks mate with standard commercial phone plugs and are available with 0.25″ inside diameter bushings.



Life: Commercial Jacks – 10,000 insertion/withdrawal cycles, minimum. / Military Jacks – 20,000 insertions/withdrawals, minimum.

Mechanical Shock: Military Jacks – Per MIL-STD 202, method 213, Test Condition H (75g).

Vibration: Military Jacks – Per MIL-STD-202, method 213, (10-55 Hz).

Insertion/Withdrawal Forces: – Please see Download Section below for product specification drawings

Code Description
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