Syncbox Cover Plate – Satin Chrome

Satin Chrome Cover Plate

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SB-1006 Syncbox Cover Plate – Satin Chrome log-in log-in

Product Description

Frame & Cover
Syncbox has been designed as a fully modular system. Therefore, any configuration is completely adaptable to the individual’s TV/AV requirement. Using Euro modules and Keystone Modules it is possible to populate Syncbox with up to 8 x AV connections in one unit!

With the cover in location the Syncbox has a 10mm profile which enables a fl at screen TV to be mounted flush to any wall. Covers are also available in various metal finishes detailed here.

Vital stats

• 155mm Wide, 95mm High, 10mm Deep
• Slides from top to bottom over the frame
• Standard cover is white.
• Guarantees Tidy & Protected Cabling

• 100mm x 50mm access for modules
• Overall internal recess depth of 45mm
• Houses up to 8 x AV Keystone Modules