Triax dSCR 516 Multiswitch – 16 Output (318188)

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MS-7015 Triax dSCR 516 Multiswitch – 16 Output (318188) log-in log-in


TdSCR 516

The only switch you need

Independent outputs for legacy or dSCR mode; can be used as cascade, standalone or terminated.

Ultimate flexibility

With your choice of 4, 8, 12 or 16 outputs, TRIAX multiswitches are compatible with Quattro and Wideband LNBs, and support 1 or 2 satellite positions.


With 70 years of reliability and innovation, we ensure you live up to your own customer promises.

Reduce costs

Market-leading low power consumption means you can build large, cascadable systems with a single PSU connected at any point in the system.

Easy planning and installation

Simple integration with existing TRIAX solutions; 5x Quick F connectors included.

Safety first

Earth Bars included for all subscriber outputs


  • 4 cascadable LNB inputs from 1 universal Quattro LNB
  • 2 wideband LNB inputs (vertical, horizontal) for a 2 satellite installation
  • Terrestrial Gain Control for signals 0–20dB
  • DC input (for switch, line and LNB powering)
  • 75Ω self-termination switch
  • Can be used as a Cascade, Standalone or Terminated Multiswitch
  • Balanced dSCR and Legacy output signal levels (AGC) for easy system planning and installation
  • Each subscriber output provides dSCR, Legacy, TV and Radio
  • Trunk outputs allow the cascade of multiple switches to support large installations
  • The unit can be powered directly via the DC input port, or remotely via the trunk lines
  • LTE Filter built in


LNB current max. 1000 mA
LNB power supply max. 15…20 V/DC
Output level 85 (AGC) (-25dBm) dBµV
Input level 70…100 (-38 to -8dBm) dBµV
Frequency range SAT dSCR/legacy: 950…2150 – Wideband: 290…2340 MHz
Frequency range TER 40…790, active MHz
Attenuation TER 0…20 dB
Through loss SAT typ. 6 dB
Through loss TER typ. 10 dB
Insertion loss – TER typ.0 to -5 dB
Isolation cross polarisation H/V 25 dB
Return Loss 10 dB
Impedance 75 Ω
Temperature – operating -20…50 °C
DC Current consumption 160 mA
PSU/adapter INFO Optional
Number of outputs 16
Number of inputs 4 SAT (1x quattro + 2x wideband) + 1 TERR
Packaging Depth 0,466 m
Packaging Height 0,058 m
Total Weight 2,360 kg
Packaging Width 0,260 m
Net Weight 2,030 kg
Packing QTY 1
Remarks SKY UK, EN50607, EN50494 (automatic selection)
Tara Weight 0,330 kg
Packaging Volume 0,007 m3