VDV MapMaster 2.0™ Test Kit T129K1

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TC-1675 VDV MapMaster 2.0™ Test Kit T129K1 log-in log-in

Product Description

The VDV MapMaster 2.0 combines continuity testing, mapping, tone generator and length measurement functions into a single unit. Capable of identifying and mapping 19 locations at one time. Whether your jobs are commercial or residential, the versatility & added features of the VDV MapMaster 2.0 makes it an installer’s best friend!


  • Tests and indicates pins with shorts, opens, reversals, miswires and split pairs
  • Tests Voice (6 wire), Data (8 wire) and Video (coax)
  • Measures the entire length of a cable and/or individual wire pairs and lengths to Opens. (Feet/Meters)
  • Easy to read, extra large 7-segment LCD screen with large icons
  • Identify up to 19 network or coax cable runs at a time using ID only remotes
  • Works with Cable Tester Smart Remotes (#1-8)

VDC Mapmaster 2.0 Information Flyer.pdf

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