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TDI AV SURGERY – 5th December 2019


10am till 4pm – Thursday 5th December 2019


TDI Group, West Farm, Popham, Nr. Winchester, SO21 3BH

With so many new developments within the AV industry over the past few years, it can be difficult to keep on top of the latest technologies and stay at the forefront of knowledge to deliver the highest possible quality Audio and Video signals for your installation projects.  Technologies such as HDBaseT, Video over IP, SDVoE, and AVLC bring lots of flexibility when designing systems, but how do you choose the best technology for your application?


Our team has decades of industry knowledge and experience which you have access to, so don’t let any strange technical queries bog you down. We’ve put together our first AV Surgery which is designed for installers to pop in and see us on an ad hoc basis throughout the day so you can bring us your AV ailments for expert advice.


Do you have a burning technical question that you’ve received mixed opinions on? Is there a recurring symptom that you see on site but just can’t find the root cause? Are you considering working with a new technology and you’d like some guidance on where to start? Looking to invest in Test or Monitoring kit and want to understand how to get best use from such devices? Would you like to enhance your troubleshooting capabilities? Talk to us about ‘good practice’ tips and tricks to minimise potential issues before they arise, and keep your project workflow running smoothly.   Whether it is a burning question that you’ve had for ages or a quirky on-site issue that has caused everyone to scratch their heads for a solution, our expert team is on hand to help.


We have drafted in our long-term industry friend Kev Cray, CYP’s Technical Director. Kev has been a driving force at CYP Europe since the companies’ inception and is shining a light on CYP’s adoption of all the very latest technologies for both residential and commercial hardware solutions. Kev’s wealth of knowledge and experience is almost unsurpassed in the industry and his friendly animated style of passing on this knowledge has been well received from installers throughout Europe.  Our own Gareth Rolls, TDI Sales and Technical Support specialist will also be on hand to discuss your questions too. Gareth is our in-house HDBaseT Authorised Trainer, and has over a decade of experience in the AV World, formerly working as CYP’s Product Manager for a number of years, and is now providing advice and support to all TDI customers.


There will also be expert advice on Rack Building, Aerial & Satellite, Mains Cables, Loudspeakers, Cable Terminations, CCTV, and Network Switches from our friendly Sales Team.


We’d love to engage with you to offer advice and support on almost any AV topic that you have questions on and so we hope to see you on 5th December for our AV Surgery.

Feel free to contact us in advance of our AV Surgery if you wish to discuss any specific topics on the day and would like to give us advanced information that you feel may help us address any installation challenges you’re facing.

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