Akuvox – Security Relay. Compact Security Single Door I/O Module


Akuvox – SR01

Security Relay. Compact Security Single Door I/O Module

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AK-7005 Akuvox – Security Relay. Compact Security Single Door I/O Module log-in log-in


The Akuvox SR01 security relay provides an additional layer of security for door strikes / electric locks when used in conjunction with the following Akuvox door intercom and access devices: A02R20, R29X915X912 and E16.

The SR01 has ultra-compact form, it easy to be placed in most standard installation boxes and is installed on the secure side of the door.
This simple add-on accessory prevents locked doors being illicitly opened using a 12v battery (a technique used by criminals to open power locks).
By including an SR01 relay to each door’s locking system adds the requirement for an automatic verification code from the Akuvox door intercom device, in order to unlock the door. If the security relay does not receive a code (for instance, if an attempt to open the lock via 12v battery is made), then the door will remain securely locked.
  • Additional layer of door /access control security
  • Prevents unlocking of door strikes / electric locks using 12v battery
  • For use with Akuvox door intercom devices only
  • Compatible Akuvox door intercom and access devices:  A02R20, R29X915X912 and E16.


Description SR01
Environment Indoor
Relay out 1
Casing Plastic
RS485 1
Input 1
Mounting Fits in standard installation boxes
Button 1 for pairing
Working Humidity 10~90%
Indicator 2
Power In 12V/100mA (Min.)
Working Temperature -20°C ~ +60°C
Dimensions 31 x 56 x 24mm
Weight (Net) 0.20kg
Weight (Gross) 0.00kg