CLEERLINE Patch Lead Duplex LC LC, OM3, 3.00mm – Aqua

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Cleerline XD fibre optic patch cords deliver extreme performance and reliability for all system connections. XD series patch cords incorporate Cleerline’s exclusive integral polymer as part of the fibre optic glass technology. Cleerline fibres provide up to 10.000X increased bend and up to 400x increased pull strength compared to standard glass fibres. Cleerline fibres are extremely durable and are able to endure even repeated tight bending with insensitivity to optical loss at all wavelengths even at very low radii. Only the highest quality connectors are coupled with manufacturing/polishing procedures to ensure insertion loss and back reflections that exceed industry standards.

Cleerline XD patch cords offer extreme performance compared to standard/bend resistant patch cords. For reliability even in the most demanding applications from the Data Centre, Telecom, and FTTX environments, Cleeerline XD patch cords offer unmatched performance for your systems connections.


  • Singlemode patch cords available in OS2 A2
  • Multimode patch cods available in OM2, OM3, OM4 versions
  • Duplex assemblies available with clips (SC and LC)
  • SC and LC connector varieties / terminations


Type/Fibres Duplex / 2
Fibre Type OM3
Connector LC – LC
Length 10m, 3m, 1m
Outside Diameter 3mm
Jacket Riser



Cleerline - XD Series Patch Cords.pdf