Penn Elcom 1U LED Multicolor + White Rack Light

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CP-1355 Penn Elcom 1U LED Multicolor + White Rack Light log-in log-in


Multicoloured & White Rack Light with Universal Power Supply, RADM-23CW-PC is for use with any 19-Inch equipment racks. Able to suit any 19-Inch unit, it allows users access to controls or necessary equipment stored in racking units situated in dimly lit environments or to add the necessary atmosphere.

Multi-functional with no moving parts, the rack light can be fitted at the front or back of the rack with lightweight LED strips. This product comes with a PowerCon connector, allowing the user more control over power input and keeping your rack connections clearer and tidier.

With over 19 dynamics modes available with speed variability, you can select LED output from the front switch between RGB (with up to 20 various colours to choose from) or White only, offering great light intensity and distribution.

Colour and Pattern programming comes preinstalled, with three push buttons on the top of the case allowing you ultimate control and memory saving for the last mode used.

Technical Specifications:

  • 15 x White LED
  • 15 x RGB LED
  • Beam Angle (deg) 120
  • IP Rating 65 (moisture resistant)
  • LED Type SMD5050