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Planet Waves Single Conductor HD Coax Finishing Wire is precision manufactured in the USA to 75 ohms HD standards. All cable features our In/Out™ Technology for pure signal transparency.

This cable is full bandwidth, broadcast quality, with high impedance and low capacitance, enabling you to use it for all Audio/Video applications. The same cable can be used for everything from Component to Composite Video, Analogue to Digital Audio, Subwoofers, S/PDIF, even RF applications like HD Satellite and CATV.

Planet Waves’ HD Finishing Wire is specially designed for rack dressing or exposed drops between A/V devices and display units, such as visible projector runs. It is UL-rated for in-wall installations as well. With a soft TPE jacket, the HD Finishing Wire is especially flexible, making it easy to work within a rack or cabinet. The TPE also provides a clean, polished look and feel to give installations an elegant aesthetic.


  • Meets 75 ohms HD standard
  • Sweep tested 3GHz over 100ft with nominal dB loss
  • Nominal Capacitance 18.2 pF/ft Premium oxygen-free copper
  • 100% shielding with 95% tinned copper braid & tin foil shield
  • Nitrogen-gas-injected foam PE dielectric TPE Jacket
  • CM & CL2 rated for in-wall installations
  • Max Pulling Tension 2359 PSI
  • Max Bend Radius 2.25 inches


HD Dual Finishing Wire 
Sweep Test  3GHz over 1000 ft with nominal dB loss
Nominal Capacitance   18.2 pF/ft
Shielding 100%
Jacket TPE
Max Pulling Tension    2359 Psi
Max Bend Radius   2.25 in

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