SANUS Height-Adjustable Speaker Stand for Sonos Era 300™ (Single – Black or White) – WSSE3A1


Height-Adjustable Speaker Stand for Sonos Era 300™ (Single – Black or White) – WSSE3A1

Height-Adjustable Speaker Stand For Sonos Era 300™

The SANUS Height-Adjustable Speaker Stand designed for Sonos Era 300™ offers 17″ of effortless sliding height adjustment, cable management and a sleek design. This adjustable stand is sure to deliver optimal audio performance regardless of your listening needs. Constructed of durable steel and extruded aluminum, this not only resists wear, but also perfectly complements the aesthetics of the Sonos Era 300™ for a sleek, seamless look.

Perfect for use in any setup, be it home theater, surround sound, or ambient listening. For a cable-free look, our Press Fit™ cable management technology secures and conceals cords down the back of the stand. Assemble easily in 15 minutes with a Phillips screwdriver, this sleek stand will help get you the perfect sound for your space.

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Product Features

  • Seamlessly blends with Sonos Era 300™ wireless speaker
  • 17 Inches of height adjustment for optimal listening (25.74 – 42.74 inches/ 65.38 – 108.56 cm)
  • Integrated cable management for a sleek look
  • Includes proper hardware to secure your speaker to the stand
  • Includes rubber feet & height adjustable carpet spikes for any floor
  • Perfect for any setup: Home theater, stereo pairing, or ambient listening
  • Sturdy, oversized base helps prevent tip in any direction
  • Easy, 3-step assembly takes just 15 minutes

What’s in the box?

Shaft, Base, Lock Washer (2), Shaft Screw (2), Rubber Pad (4), Carpet Spike (4), Jam Nut (4), Bracket Screw (1), Daytona Bracket (1), Speaker Screw (1), Clip (4), Trigger Button (1)


Product Width: 10.90″ / 27.69cm
Product Height: 25.00″ / 63.50cm
Product Weight: 13.53lbs / 6.14kg