SANUS Tilt & Swivel Speaker Wall Mount for Sonos Era 300™ (Single – Black or White) – WSWME31


SANUS Tilt & Swivel Speaker Wall Mount for Sonos Era 300™ (Single – Black or White) – WSWME31

Adjustable Speaker Wall Mount designed for the Sonos Era 300™ (Single)

Securely mount your Sonos Era 300™ speakers to the wall for a sleek, seamless look. Featuring the ability to tilt and swivel providing the optimal listening position from wherever you are in the room. With an easy 3-step assembly, mount your Sonos Era 300™ in just 15 minutes. These Tilt & Swivel Wall Mount solutions will be available in singles or pairs in either white or black.

Code Description 1 Quantity
WM-8500 log-in
WM-8505 log-in


Product Features

  • Designed to seamlessly blend behind Sonos Era 300™ speakers
  • Easy 15-minute installation
  • Tool-free tilt and swivel adjustment ensure the optimal listening angle
  • Speaker tilts 32° left and right and 4° up and 32° down
  • Ability to mount speaker upright or inverted for desired listening experience
  • Bottom threaded insert mounting method safety secures the Sonos Era 300™ speakers

What’s in the box?

Wall Mount (1), Speaker Bracket (1), Bracket Assembly Screw (1), Speaker Screw (2), Wall Plate (1), Wall Plate Screw (2), Drywall/Concrete Anchor (2), Wall Cap (1)


Product Weight 1.14 Lbs. / 0.52 Kg
Product Depth 6.89 in (175.1 mm)
Product Width 4.91 in (124.8 mm)
Product Height 4.82 in (122.4 mm)