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S45-801 SIMPLY45 PREMIUM FLUSH CUTTER log-in log-in


The Simply45® 5″ Premium Flush Cutter Tool has an angled jaw for precision and cushioned grip for comfort. This is a professional premium quality flush cutter, being ideal for trimming LAN cable wire conductors, precise trimming for load bars, jacks and more. It can be used with copper wires up to 18AWG (1mm).

  • Professionally trim LAN cable wires
  • Shears soft copper wire up to 18 AWG (1mm)
  • Angled jaw for precision flush cuts
  • Cushioned handles for greater comfort
  • Non slip grip, holds in your hand well even in humid weather conditions
  • High carbon style for greater durability
  • Heat treated high carbon steel blade


Material High carbon
Use Wire Up To 18AWG
Dimensions 205mm / 8.1″ x 75mm / 3″ x 22.86mm /  0.9″
Weight 0.093kg / 0.205lb


S45-801_Premium Cutter.pdf

Simply45 Connector Selector Guide.pdf