19″ 600 x 800 Free Standing Server Rack Black

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R4086 M6 Server Rack Enclosure 600mm / 23.62 inch x 800mm / 31.50 inch
Rack rail mounting depths 150mm – 700mm

The R4086 brings in a new generation for server rack enclosures. It has a multitude of added features including integral cable management bars and adjustable threaded rail. Its hidden assembly screws and rolled edges give the cabinet a sleek, minimalistic finish.

This product is also available in custom sizes and colours.

Features Include:

– Bayable
– Can be built as open, sides only or closed
– Adjustable threaded rack rails
– Doors can be rotated
– Removable side panels
– Optional side door locks
– Magnetic indents secure doors
– Customisable tops and bottoms
– Multiple mounting options for castors and feet
– Integral cable management
– Earth points
– Hidden assembly screws
– Available in glass, plain steel or vented steel doors
– Available in 1032 screw version

All Heights include Castors

R4086 Spec Sheet.pdf