19″ Qube Floor Cabinet – 600mm Deep x 600 Wide

19″ Qube Floor Cabinet – 600mm Deep x 600 Wide

Code Description Quantity
WB-2512 log-in
WB-2518 log-in
WB-2522 log-in
WB-2527 log-in
WB-2537 log-in
WB-2542 log-in
WB-2547 log-in


The Qube Data Cabinet 600mm wide unit offers a fully secure enclosure. Supplied with lockable and removable side panels, a smoked glass front door, a solid steel door on the rear, both also lockable.

The Qube Data Cabinets are supplied with medium duty travel casters and jacking feet as standard.

Data Cabinet 600mm Wide Key Features

  • 18, 22, 27, 37, 42 and 47U
  • 600mm wide
  • 600mm deep
  • Black in colour (RAL9004)
  • 800kg static load capacity
  • Smoked glass front and steel rear doors
  • Adjustable 19” vertical mounting profiles, front and rear
  • U height markers on all four mounting profiles
  • Swing handle cam lock on the front door
  • Lockable and removable side panels
  • Transport castors and jacking feet fitted
  • Multiple cable entry on roof and base
  • Pack of 50 cage nuts supplied
  • All round earth bonding

WB-25XX_Qube_600x600_Floor_Cabinets - PDF DataSheet.pdf