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NETVIO Comprehensive Limited Liability Warranty




  • Standard Warranty for all Netvio products is 5-years.
  • Option to extend warranties on HDBaseT Matrix and AVoIP devices upto 10-years subject to additional 10% price increments for each product.
  • Standard 5-Year warranty covers advanced replacement within 12 months of purchase.
  • Extended 10-Year warranty covers advanced replacements within 24 months of purchase.


​Netvio offers a comprehensive warranty that guarantees quality and peace of mind when using our product. If any issues arise, we’ll work quickly to find a resolution – however, it’s important to note there is no protection from damage caused by misuse or environmental elements such as dust, heat, moisture or issues caused by the electrical system. To ensure accurate coverage under this warranty, please be sure to install the product strictly according to its documentation as this will be referred to in any warranty claim.

​Should you experience an issue, Netvio provides technical assistance via in the hopes of quickly resolving any concerns without involving repairs – though if needed, our customer service team will work swiftly and efficiently in getting your product functioning optimally again should a warranty claim be necessary; just have your serial number ready for reference!

​At Netvio, we understand that when you have a product problem, you want it fixed as soon as possible. That’s why we offer both on-site and remote support options that may involve the authorized dealer and distributor. We believe that this provides the best chance for a quick resolution. We are committed to resolving these issues as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience while we work to resolve the issue and get your product back up and running.


If your product is less than 12 months old (from install date), you are eligible for an advanced replacement. Please note the Netvio’s liability is limited to supporting the cost of replacement and is not liable for any 3rd party cost incurred during the replacement period.


If a product has been installed for longer than 12-months (from install date) and is found to be faulty, the unit should be returned for repair or replacement. Depending on availability, a stand-in replacement could be provided until the repair can be facilitated. Netvio reserves the right to replace the faulty unit with a product of similar age, condition & specification.


At Netvio, we pride ourselves on providing top-quality products that meet the needs of our customers. However, we understand that sometimes issues can arise. If a customer is not satisfied with the solution presented through support, repair or replacement, Netvio reserves the right to issue a refund up to and not exceeding the full commercial value of the product in order to close the process.


Some products are eligible for an additional 5-year warranty, making 10-years on total. Product categories that are eligible include all HDBaseT Matrix, AV over IP network devices including controllers. All other Netvio products are limited to a standard 5-year warranty.

​Where applicable, the 10-year warranty is subject to a 10% price increment on the hardware cost which can be purchased with your authorised installer, distributor or directly with Netvio Ltd. The 10-year warranty can be purchase within the first year of ownership, however Netvio requires a period of 90-days before making any claim for warranty replacement.

​The 10-Year warranty extends advanced replacement period to 2 years and repair of unit coverage for the full 10-year period.

Speak with our friendly Sales Team for more information or advice on how to extend your Netvio warranty for that extra peace of mind. Call us on 01256 397770 or email