Penn Elcom 19″ Slide & Rotate Racks


19″ Slide & Rotate Racks


Code Description Original Sale price Quantity
WB-8106 log-in
WB-8108 log-in
WB-8112 log-in
WB-8116 log-in
WB-8120 log-in
WB-8125 log-in


A simple and innovative design for quick and easy access to your equipment.

These Penn Elcom 19″ Slide and Rotate Rack come with a folding cable management bar which can be fitted to the rear and extends as the rack is pulled out – eliminating cable tension.

The base plate is designed to be securely bolted or screwed to a flat, solid surface to ensure maximum stability.

These 19″ Slide and Rotate Rack consists of a top unit, a rotating base unit and a folding cable management bar.

  • Slides out to 500mm / 20”
  • Rotates 360° in either direction
  • Locking base slam locks
  • Rear cable management bar
  • Quick assembly in under 30 minutes
  • Load capacity =  60Kg / 130Lb
  • M6 Rack rails



WB-600XX_R8010 - Slide and Rotate - Spec Sheet.pdf

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